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Application For the POST OF Assistant Professor

Admission open for B.C.A 12th Arts/science/commerce/MCVC
minimum 45% (Limited Seats Available)

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Application For the POST OF Assistant Professor

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A candidate who has passed Higher Secondary. School Certificate Examination of the


Maharashtra State Board of any other statutory Board or University and passed in English and in three Science Subjects out of (I) Physics (II) Chemistry (III) Biology (IV) Mathematics (V) Geography (VI) Geology etc. shall be eligible for admission for First Year B.Sc. Degree Course.





A student will be allowed to keep terms at S.Y.B.Sc. level, if he/she fails in not more than four heads of passing.




A student will be allowed to keep terms at T.Y.B.Sc. level if


I. he/ she fails in not more than three heads of passing at S.Y.B.Sc. level.


II. he/ she clears in all heads of passing at F.Y.B.Sc. level.





The structure of three years integrated B.Sc. course is as under-


a) Every student has to choose FOUR science subjects for the F.Y.B.Sc. class and THREE subjects for the S.Y.B.Sc. class which will be out of the four Science subjects offered at the F.Y.B.Sc. level.


b) For T.Y.B.Sc. class a student will have to choose ONE subject out of the THREE science subjects already offered by her / him at the S.Y.B.Sc. level.


c) There shall be a course in English /Marathi at the S.Y.B.Sc. level.


d) There shall be TWO theory courses and ONE practical course for each science Subject except in Mathematics where there will be one additional theory course instead of a practical course.


e) There shall be SIX theory courses and THREE practical courses for the principal subject offered at the T.Y.B.Sc. level.


F.Y.B.Sc. GROUPS (Select any one group)


I Physics


II Physics


Chemistry Chemistry


Mathematics Botany


Statistics Zoology




Marathi or English (Compulsory)


I II Chemistry Chemistry Physics Botany


Mathematics Zoology




Chemistry Chemistry


Physics Physics


Zoology Botany


NOTE : Choice of group depends upon the number of students offering subjects from above groups.




1. Chemistry Principal


6 papers & 3 Practicals


NOTE : Choice of Principal Subject depends upon the number of students offering that subject.