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Application For the POST OF Assistant Professor

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A candidate passing the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Maharashatra State Board of Higher Secondary Education or an equivalent examination of any other statutory Board or University with English as a passing subject shall be eligible for admission to F.Y.B.A. Class.


A student will be allowed to keep terms at S.Y.B.A. level if he/ she fail in not more than two heads of passing in courses at F.Y.B.A. level/or as per the regulations declared by the university from time to time.


A student will be allowed to keep terms at T.Y.B.A. level

I. If he/she fails in not more than two heads of passing in course at S.Y.B.A. level.

II. If he/she clears in all heads of passing at F.Y.B.A. level.


The structure of the three year integrated B.A. Course is as under.


The students joining the first year B.A. course shall offer six subjects from the following Groups .

Group A : Compulsory English.

Group B : Marathi and/or

Group C : Hindi

Group D : Economics

Group E : Politics

Group F : History

Group G : Geography

1. Subject of Group A is compulsory

2. From Group B and C Students can offer both or any one subject.

3. If he offers both subjects from B &C, he has to offer any three subjects from Group D to Group G

4. If he offers only one subject from Group B and C he has to offer any four subject from group D to G.


The student for the B.A. (Special) Degree shall study the subjects as given below at the S.Y.B.A.

1. Compulsory Englilsh

2. He/she has to select 3 subjects only from the subjects offered at the F.Y.B.A. level.

3. Out of these three subjects he/ she will study

one subject of his/her choice as a special subject and remaining 2 subjects as general subjects.

4. The student has to study two papers of his special subject.

5. The Student has to study one paper at Gereral level of three subjects (including special Subject) selected from F.Y.B.A. subjects. Thus the student shall study in all six papers.


The student studying for the T.Y.B.A. (Special) degree shall study the subjects at Third Year B.A. level given below.

1. Compulsory Enlish.

2. Two papers of his/her special subject selected at S.Y.B.A. and one paper at Gerneral Level of the subject.

3. Two papers of subject selected at S.Y.B.A. at General level (One paper of each subject.). Thus he studies in all six papers :


S.Y.B.A. / T.Y.B.A.

A) General level :-

  • Compulsory English
  • Marathi
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Hindi
  • Geography

B) Special Level : -

  • Marathi
  • Hindi
  • History.
  • Note : the choice of special subject depends upon the number of students offering that subject